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10 benefits of massage therapy


Many people are familiar with the term “Massage Therapy”. However, few people are aware of what massage therapy actually is. Most will associate therapeutic massage with the term “deep tissue” and the image of a therapist pressing on painful trigger points and applying a lot of deep pressure comes to mind. There is almost an expectation of a massage therapy treatment having to be uncomfortable and leaving you sore for the next few days. This is so far from the true purpose and intention of therapeutic massage. A massage does not have to be uncomfortable to be effective at treating pain, soreness, stiffness or a variety of other symptoms. At our spa, we aim to provide treatments that both target specific issues in your body, whether it be pain, a sports related injury or general soreness, as well as help you achieve overall relaxation. Stress reduction is so important especially during these times. You do not need to have a specific health issue to receive massage therapy. Stress reduction treatment is foundational to most sessions. If your workplace has provided you with insurance benefits, we encourage you to come in for regular sessions to keep up with your physical and mental health. Full body massage treatments are available for those seeking overall stress-relief.

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