5 Pampering & Relaxation Ideas for Mom This Mother’s Day

Spoil her with one of Six Spa Packages created for her !

From hugging to healing. From doing laundry to washing dishes. From tucking in teddy bears to flipping through pages of a book. A mother’s hands do so much.

Every year Mother’s Day comes around, and no matter how much we love the moms in our lives we’ll often find ourselves at a loss as to the day’s events. What should you do? What gift should you get her? How do I tell her I appreciate her without the help of an impersonal card?

  1. Serve Breakfast in Bed
    Start the day off with a yummy breakfast in bed. There’s nothing better than spending a few extra minutes in bed, especially when indulging on delicious food. Have the kiddos deliver the food to make the moment extra special.
  2. Do What Mom Wants To Do
    Mom is usually always busy doing activities for others. Mother’s Day is the day to do what mom wants to do. Does she love to go out to eat? Then go out to eat. Does she love to go on a hike? Then go on a hike. Figure out mom’s favorite group activity and get the whole family involved.
  3. Enjoy Relaxation
    Moms are always on the go. On this special day, give mom time to relax. Let her enjoy a warm cup of coffee (because, let’s face it … once-warm-now-turned-cold coffee is usually what mom sips on throughout the morning), let her squeeze in some reading time, watch a movie as a family … the key is to relax.
  4. Prepare Dinner
    Surprise mom by making her favorite dinner. Turn on the music during dinner, chat as a family, and enjoy each other’s company as you devour a delicious dinner. Up next? Don’t let mom pick up a single dish. It’s her special day. She should have a free pass on clean up.
  5. Spoil her with a Day at Arya Spa & Wellness
    Since Mom spoils you all year long, use Mother’s Day as your chance to return the favor and pamper her with a day at the spa. Her daily stresses will melt away with just the mention of a deep tissue massage, and she’ll immediately see just how much you care. Stick with traditional spa treatments, such as hydrating facials, manicures and pedicures, and massages, or think outside the box and schedule some time for her to relax at Arya Spa & Wellness. Whichever you choose, we’re sure you’ll be in Mom’s good graces for weeks to come after her spa day. We have put together the following Spa Packages to fit in all kind of budget range.

Package #1: Choice of Bioline Acne Facial or Deep cleansing signature facial and 30 minutes Swedish massage.
Great Value @ $95

Package #2: Choice of Body San-Saction Scrub Exfoliation Vitalizing with shower or Body San-section Slimming Biphasic Serum with Body Polish and 60 minutes Aroma therapy Massage.
Great Value @ $135

Package #3: Choice of any type of Arya Spa Manicure and Arya spa Pedicure with 60 minutes Deep Tissue Massage.
Great Value @ $175

Package #4: Choice of Deluxe Manicure or Pedicure, Hydro Peptide Micro Crystal Facial and 45 minutes body relaxation Massage.
Great Value @ $195

Package #5: Choice of Micro Dermabrasion Facial or Caviar Retinol Anti aging Facial, Bio tone European Rose Mud Body Wrap with shower and 60 minutes Deep Tissue Massage.
Great Value @ $250

Package #6: BLI Body Sensation Modelling Soft Cellulite Treatment with Shower, Dr. Schrammek Facial, 60 minutes Aroma Massage and Choice of Arya Spa Hot Paraffin Manicure or Pedicure.
Great Value @ $335



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