How to celebrate Mother’s Day during the COVID-19 lockdown

How To Celebrate Mother's Day during Covid Lockdown

This year’s unprecedented physical-distancing measures mean families will need to be creative about how they celebrate Mother’s Day. Usual standbys like spa visits, day trips and brunch reservations are off the table, but that doesn’t mean showing your gratitude is cancelled.

Luckily, there are ways to be creative and have a good Mother’s Day regardless. You can do simple acts of kindness from your home or partake in a socially distanced festivity. A little celebration or gesture can go a long way.

1. Create a Mom memories slideshow

There has never been a better time to sort through the 700,000 pics in your digital archives. Celebrate Mom by putting together a slideshow video, to take her on a virtual trip down memory lane. You can integrate short recorded messages at the end from any grown-up kid who can’t be physically celebrate with Mom this year. With an app, like Smilebox or Movavi, it’s also possible to add effects and music.

2. Recreate Mom’s favourite restaurant brunch at home

Some restaurants are still open for deliveries, so you could order the menu items your mom loves and recreate the dine-out ambiance at home, with tablecloth, flowers, music, printed menu, and the kids dressed up as servers. If the place you usually go to is closed, just do some online research and recreate the dishes. You may never want to go back to Mother’s Day restaurant outings, once you’ve discovered the joy of no line-ups.

3. Say ‘I love you’

This is a good one to do as often as possible right now. Many moms are feeling a lot of big feelings this year, dealing with extra-stressful work situations, looking out for their loved ones’ well-being and living with uncertainty.

Some moms are going through this time without being able to see their children in person, because their kids live in another household. Other moms are taking care of sick family members or even grieving loved ones lost this year. If “I love you” isn’t a comfortable or natural thing for you to say to your mother, find the words that work: “I’m so grateful for you,” “I appreciate you,” or “I miss you so much,” are great alternatives.

Happy Mother’s Day, however you choose to celebrate it this year!

Stay Positive, Stay Sharp, to Come Out Stronger than ever – once this Pandemic is over!



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