Life Balance and Beauty Tips for 2017

Even if you are not the type to make New Year’s resolutions, the arrival of another year likely brings to mind ways you can improve your health and wellbeing.  We are half way through 2017 and its not too late  by focusing your attention on achieving an inner balance that will benefit your mind, body and spirit.  Here are some key points towards life balancing and taking care of your wellness and beauty needs.

Keep Hydrated

Making sure you are hydrated is one of the simplest ways to keep your body running at its best, not to mention giving skin a luminous glow.  Your daily intake of water and other healthy fluids like herbal tea should equal about 2 liters (roughly eight 8-ounce glasses).  When you visit a hotter climate than you are used to during summer, you will need to consume even more water to make up for the fluids lost through sweat.  Alternate each cocktail you drink with a glass of water to lessen alcohol’s drying effects.

Stay Active

Everyone knows that physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and there is no reason not to keep up with your fitness goals.  Whether you prefer the gym, the outdoor play and fitness area, a run through the preserve or on the beach, take a hike on Bruce trail or water sports such as paddle boarding and kayaking, you can certainly keep your body moving!

Indulge Yourself

While most fad diets require you to give up many things you love to eat and drink, allowing yourself to enjoy treats including coffee, chocolate, wine and gourmet dining in moderation can be included in your healthy lifestyle, especially since depriving yourself intensifies cravings and can lead to binging.  Adding more healthy foods into your diet, rather than taking other things completely away, is a great way to stay in balance.

Regular Spa Visits

Studies have shown that individuals who receive massages regularly are less likely to encounter illness and other stress-related conditions, which should be reason enough to treat yourself often to spa treatments that restore the spirit and relax the body.  Although you may be more likely to pamper yourself on vacation, making regular visits to a local spa when you return from your trip will benefit you even more in the long run.

Experience utter bliss when you book one of the delightful treatments at Arya Spa & Wellness.  The Aromatherapy Therapeutic Massage is individualized to your body’s exact needs with a custom blend of herbs applied in a hot compress, while several massage techniques such as sports, deep tissue, acupressure and reflexology will work your stressed-out muscles into submission.  The Arya Caviar and Retinol Anti-aging Facial will have your skin looking and feeling younger in no time by stimulating collagen production and delivering a serious dose of hydration.  CASMARA Algae peel off rubber mask, hot hammer to improve blood circulation, treatment will envelop your skin in rich moisture that will have you glowing from head to toe.



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