The Spa Guide to Father’s Day

A Loving Father’s Day Spa Gift Ideas!!!

Here’s where we let you in on a secret – men enjoy and benefit from spas just as much as women!
So if you’re thinking of treating your dad to a fathers day spa offer, look no further…

For a special Father’s Day Spa Gift this year, surprise and delight your beloved dad by gifting him a spa gift voucher with a pampering spa experience he’ll always remember. It will be one of the Best Father’s Day Gifts you can ever give and a highly thoughtful one to show how much you love him. So, there is no excuse for running out of Father’s Day gift ideas again.

Benefits of spa-ing for men include:

  • Time off to relax and unwind
  • Relief from tension and aches
  • Clears the skin (men like to look good too!)
  • Enhances a gym or fitness session by easing muscles and relaxing tension

Debunking the rumours:

  • Spas are normally considered to be more of a woman’s pastime but men and spa-ing go back decades. Think Roman and Turkish Baths, and Native American Sweat Lodges.
  • Spas can be floral-scented and full of candles it’s true, but men’s spa treatments will be more manly than the women’s with scents such as sandalwood, cloves, and mint.
  • Spas require you to undress for treatments sometimes, but it’s always done in a private and respectful way. You don’t have to be naked, or any more exposed than you want to be.
  • Spa therapists do have to touch you, but in most spas you can choose whether to have a male or female therapist.
    Men can spa with a friend, a partner or family, it doesn’t have to be just him!

Types of spa gift:

Spa day
A whole day spent at Arya Spa & Wellness. Spa days usually includes a treatment, use of full spa facilities, and a meal. Dad can indulge by himself if you feel he deserves some ‘me’ time, but spa days are also lovely opportunities to spend time together. We recommend:

Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers are a great way of giving Dad a present but allowing him to choose the time. Many spas offer gift vouchers, either discounted from the spa’s prices or specialized to your requirements. Check various services and packages online or call us for more information @ 905-230-4449!

Purchase Online Now
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